Tips for buying a home in Coral Gables

The Home Buying Process

We provide here some buying tips for you to look into lender’s requirements. How do you prepare? Plan your home buying process in advance.


It is a must for you to analyze what the real needs for your new home are.

You must have a clear picture of  what you really expect of and why you need a new home.

Your Real Estate Agent can help you analyze each step to clear up the home planning and how it should work for you and your family.

Are you currently renting? Do you have to move to another city for a business purpose? Do you just want to buy the home of your dreams? Ask yourself as much as possible. Your home needs will depend on your answers and you will move towards to your home search accordingly.

Make two lists, one is for describing the home of your dreams and the other one is for listing the features of the home must have in order to buy it.  You surely will be 100% agreeable with the two lists and will be doing a combination of both during the buying process by selecting the most relevant items.

This is a normal process as you get understandable about what you want and what is presented.


Now, you have these two lists done, so you should be ready to start your home searching.

However, you will need to know what price range start looking at.

This involves two ways to do it. Getting pre-qualified or pre-approved. For both, you will need to get in touch with a mortgage company.

Loan prequalification is an easy process in which your financial status is analyzed to give you the sum for which you can qualify. Your financial status and the information provided in that regard will be based only on the information given by you. 

This procedure can be easily done here at BLUE ONE Realty offices or even over the phone. You need to know that getting a pre-qualification only means that you might be eligible for a certain sum.

A pre-approved buyer is a totally different thing because you will be, in fact, approved for a loan. Loans are not available to everyone. Every car payment, rent or credit card bills must be paid on time for at least one year before buying a home. All information pertained to your financial situation will be strictly checked so that the lender will be completely sure that any barriers would come up during the buying process. Now you know that getting a pre-approved is better than a pre-qualified. If you had a few problems in the past with your credit, don't get discouraged either.

Today, banks and lenders have many different plans and programs for borrowers with not a perfect credit. So don't let that stop you from getting your dream home.


All neighborhoods generally have a particular environment that presents them with uniqueness, value and appreciation. This should be of great importance for you at the time of starting your home searching. You are not going to buy only a new home, you are just about to buy also the neighborhood where you want to live in. If you have children, you’ll need schools for them, recreational areas with activities for kids, and more related things. You also would like to live in a place close to your work so your drive time to and from it shouldn’t be a problem. So, make another list in which you can write down all the requirements. As soon as you get it finished, come to BLUE ONE Realty with the three lists, the two you've previously done and this new one. We will help you in your home-neighborhood searching based on the information provided. Our experience on local markets will be the greatest source for you during this entire step. Now, if you don't know how to do these lists, don't worry. Just come to our offices or call us and we will help you decide.


You and your Real Estate Agent have successfully found the home you would like to buy. It’s time to make an offer. Your Real Estate Agent will assist you about creating an offer that can reach the highest level of being accepted. Your offer must be written in a paper contract. You must keep in mind that all unwritten words may cause you serious problems later. So, let your Real Estate Agent protect you by taking into account all his/her advices. Your offer will be presented to the seller by your Real Estate Agent with a list of requests such as a legal description of the property, offering price, down payment,  deposit amount, fees, charges, your financial status and a lot more that only your Real Estate Broker can know and advice you about.


The offer has been already presented to the seller and you’ll have to be continually in touch with your Real Estate Agent to get the agreement you need. However, there will be a negotiation between you as the home buyer and the seller. Why? Just because you are not the only one who made an offer here. Sellers generally establish an asking price for their homes for sale in the market. The seller has the perfect right to reject your offer as well as you his counter offer and start everything again by suggesting a variety of other terms and conditions. At this point the assistance of a Real Estate Agent with a vast experience negotiating offers is a must. The negotiation involves the price, financing terms, closing costs, painting, occupancy time frame, etc.


Congratulations! Your offer has been accepted! Now, your Real Estate Agent will start looking for the vendor you need. What do vendors do? A formal evaluation and a pertinent inspection of the property must be done on time, legally, efficiently and professionally. Your Real Estate Agent will assure about getting the right vendor for you. A professional vendor capable of acting brilliantly on your behalf with an excellent background history.


Your Real Estate Agent will be working faster and more rigorously  than ever since your final closing date is just coming up.

Your Real Estate Agent must be in contact with the closing attorney and the lender to make sure that all papers were done and sent on time to the right place in order to be reviewed.

Just in case you have unpaid fees, you and your Agent should come up with a specific form of payment to get it done accurately. With all this in mind, you’ll have a successful closing.  


“Closing” is a formal process in which the seller gives the home keys to the buyer and the buyer pays the seller for the home.

In legal terms, the ownership transfers the property to the buyer in legal terms and conditions by the means of a formal meeting.

However, there’s a little more involved. You, as the buyer, will have the last chance to check the house to make sure that nothing changed since the day you and the seller negotiated the offer and agreed with it by writing.

You can’t forget about closing costs and its different forms of payment and to who this has to be made out. Sometimes, sellers use to pay for a small portion of the total fee amount.

Your Real Estate Agent must tell you that “sometimes” depends on the local market situation, terms of the buying contract and the seller’s considerations. All this together must be properly detailed by writing prior to the closing date.


You have paid for a new home, got the keys and you are just about to move in. Wait a minute: Is there anything else you should do? Of course, yes! The home buying process is not over yet. All local services such as gas, electricity, phone cable, etc must be transferred to your name for billing purposes. One more time your Real Estate Agent will be on your side providing the right assistance you need.

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