About Real Estate in Coral Gables.

Coral Gables extremely protects its residential community and preserves the natural environment.

Real Estate in Coral Gables.

The city was created by George Merrick in 1925.

This residential community and all commercial areas were stimulated by its Mediterranean style which provides the best architectural picture of the city and its surroundings.

The city counts with more than 18 parks, 30 public tennis courts and two world-class golf courses. 

It is said that George Merrick dreamed about converting Coral Gables as a main center for all types of international business. Merrick’s dreams are a reality today!

Coral Gables extremely protects its residential community and preserves the natural environment. It also keeps alive the city’s folklore.

The National Register of Historic Places in Coral Gables has 9 properties listed as such: Biltmore Hotel, George Merrick’s house, Coral Gables City Hall and Venetian Pool among other unforgettable site attractions. Then, the acclaimed Miracle Mile Street is a must visit for shopping and at the same time you can appreciate its real European style with outdoor cafes and a variety number of restaurants where you can taste all kind of international dishes.

Coral Gables is continually experiencing  its great growing with lots of trade offices, consulates, art galleries and more than 170 multinationals.

The city is also well known for its best dining and because of that is called as: "The Fine dining Capital of South Florida".  It counts with live music, activities for all ages and entertainment.

The city has more plans to come for the near future to continue growing the way its founder George Merrick dreamed to turn Coral Gables a first world class community with new housing choices, real estate investments, redecoration of parks, more area protection, commercial projects, entertainment and a lot more!

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