Tips for selling a home in Coral Gables

BLUE ONE Realty wants you to succeed in the home selling process.

We provide here ten selling steps for you to look forward to buyers requirements. 

You need to be prepared. How? Plan your home selling process in advance.


You must ask yourself: “Why would I want to sell my home?”

Is it for a business career in another city? Is it because my family is growing and we all need more space? Is it just because of a Real Estate investment?

Whatever the answers are, you must contact a Real Estate Agent for assistance.

A Real Estate Agent will help you detect your needs in particular as well as setting up a time frame for the selling process and how to proceed with it.


Your Real Estate Agent at BLUE ONE Realty will give you the best selling price for your home.

He/She will do first a CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) and after taking into consideration the kind of market your home is in along with the evaluation of recent sales in the area, your agent will guide you into success in your selling asking price.

Your Agent will also advise you about not overpricing it. A realistic asking price is what you have to go for.


First impressions are very important factors into the selling process.

You need to ask yourself honestly: “How does my home look like now?” “Does it need some painting or repairing?

One more time your Real Estate Agent will assist you in seeing your home through a buyer’s eye.

So, this can give you a more clear idea on what needs to be changed, repaired, restored or painted in the home you’re selling to make a better impact.

You’ll be amazed about it and especially on how much faster you will sell your property.


Now, it’s true that your home is ready for sale!

Your Real Estate Agent will be establishing a marketing plan together with you.

A good marketing plan will bring you the best qualified buyers right to your door.

The first 3-6 weeks your home is in the market, you will be busier than ever.

There are lots of marketing plans for you to choose and many of them depend on the homes, area, etc.

Ask your BLUE ONE Realty Agent what plan would be better for your selling home.


You just have a qualified buyer presenting you an offer.

Your Real Estate Agent must review all written documents and making sure to contain topics such as legal description of the property, offering price, down payment, financing arrangements, inspection rights, repairs, deposits, list of fees, etc.

Ask all possible questions to your Agent before signing any documents.

Once you accept a contract without considering some questions, it may be too late to make any changes once you’ve signed.

Negotiating the offer

You and your Real Estate Agent must review the written offer and fully understand what the buyer is offering and what he asks in return.

This procedure is called “negotiation”.

Your Agent will help you to go through an easy and successful negotiation as well as protect your best interest.

The items that are commonly listed to negotiate are:  the asking price, financing, closing costs, repairing,  painting, occupancy time frame, etc.

You must know as much as possible about the buyer. Your Agent will know if you are going to get a good deal.

The vendor you need

Well, you have just accepted the offer to sell your home.

Your Real Estate Agent will make sure that all procedures pertaining to the home inspection go smoothly. The information resulting from every inspection will be notified to you.

If these results go accordingly to the written contract, the selling process will go on.

In case something is wrong, you or the buyer may decide to walk away. However, your Agent can help you in deciding what your next step would be without having to rush things up.


Your Real Estate Agent will be in touch with the closing entity to make sure that all necessary documents will be available for you on time to sign.

Your Agent will be contacting each party to make sure that everyone of them has everything properly done for closing.

You will also be prepared and assisted in advance by your Agent for the closing meeting itself.

Closing on the home

This is basically a formal meeting in which the ownership of the home is transferred to the buyer.

Your Real Estate Agent will be present during the closing to assist you during the process.

You need to be prepared in case any additional documentation regarding the property is required in order to close.

At the time of signing, your Agent will be with you to respond to all questions you may have.

You need to get everything clearly understood before signing.

Post-closing activity

Congratulations! You have sold your home! However, there are just a few things pending before getting everything done.

One more time your Real Estate Agent at BLUE ONE Realty will help you create a checklist of all things from the property that needs to be turned over to the new owners.

You also need to make completely sure that all local services such as gas, electricity, phone, cable, etc have been cancelled.

And in case the new owner can retain some of these services, the name for the billing account must be properly changed.

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